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Hubbis upcoming events

We will participate in the upcoming Hubbis Asian events next 2020 Year, we would be pleased to meet you to let you know what we can offer. Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2020 DUBAI Asian Wealth Management Forum 2020 SINGAPORE Indonesian Wealth Management Forum 2020 JAKARTA Independent Wealth Management Forum 2020 HONG KONG Asian Wealth[...]

The Global Rollout of CRS and AEOI and Some Practical Experiences to Date

Ivan Pelle, an expert in international taxation and Executive Director and one of the Founders at Recontam Global Network (RGN) is on a mission to make its clients and partners aware of the rollout of CRS and AEOI across Asia-Pacific and how this might affect tax planning and investment strategies. He addressed the audience at[...]

Residence and Citizenship planning – Multi Family Office MFO

We offer customized solutions tailored to families.

We support you wherever you are located,  independently from the sizes of your business or whatever is your enquire in business family management.

What distinguishes our MFO (multi family office) is the professionalism and business ethics.

The values, both in life and in business, are the central point.

Respect, trust, honesty and transparency are necessary elements in increasing the mutual confidence that brings to a long-term relationship.

This is our path to your success.


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